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SAP Minutes: May 20, 2010

Attending: Kim Popejoy, Mallory O’Connor, Tia Ma

Absent: Anthony Castronova

Submitted by Mallory O’Connor

  1. Kim called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. The agenda was adopted as written
  2. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
  3. Old Business
    3.1 The revised mission/vision statements were unanimously approved (N.B. see Erin Friedberg’s email re  a possible addition to the final mission statement).
    3.2 Logo
    There was considerable discussion regarding the logo. Tia suggested some sort of contest that would bring the attention of the group to a larger community. Mallory mentioned the Bonita Dewiliby email recommending Wes Lindberg as a contact at SFC who might be able to get Digital Media Tech students involved. Tia will contact Wes and will also advertise the contest on Facebook. We need to supply contestants with a package that includes the vision/mission of SAP. Kim will supply an appropriate blurb. Mallory suggested using installation shots of the Wild Iris exhibit and shots of the opening reception on the Facebook page to provide visuals. It was decided that the contest would have a mid-August deadline and that the SAP board would select the winning logo from the submissions. The winning artist should get significant recognition. Tia suggested people should become a fan of SAP through Facebook.
    3.3 Recruiting
    Kim submitted a draft of a letter to use for recruiting additional board members. Suggestions were made to reorganize the letter and Kim will submit a second draft at the next board meeting.
    The board discussed possible board members and also supporters from the community. Amy Teague, Eileen Roy and Chris Philly (SMARTS program) were mentioned. Kim requested that Tia and Mallory send along possible names to him along with what various skills the people could bring to the board. Kim recommended adding new board members by the end of August. We will then have a full board, a logo, a grant in progress and be ready for our first real “power push” in the Fall semester period.
    3.4 Street Projects
    Tia said she would be talking with Anthony about street performances.
    3.5 Art Exhibit
    Kim mentioned that he is working to secure $5000. seed money for the exhibit project and other SAP programs. He indicated that PGC—especially Cheryl and Erica—would be addressing fundraising. Kim would like to identity people in the community with a potential interest in the arts who might have funds available to help. He will initiate a fundraising letter that we can send out to prospects.
    Mallory outlined the DCA Culture Builds Florida grant application that she and Erin Friedberg are submitting by June 11. Mallory will send Tia a summary of the proposal to use to solicit support letters for the grant. Kim and Cheryl will also provide support letters.
    Tia mentioned a new exhibit at the Hipp of the Gainesville 10, a photo group that might work with us. Mallory will check.

    There was no new business to report.

    Choose and Assign Tasks

    Kim: blurb for logo contest, WGOT contact, a second draft of recruitment letter, contact Eileen Roy, support letter for grant
    Tia: contact Wes Lindberg, create Facebook page, street performances
    Mallory: Grant application for exhibit, support letters, list of potential board members to Kim


    The next meeting will be July 6 at 10 am at Wild Iris
    We also scheduled a meeting for August 24 at 10 and established that as a target date to have the logo and board finalized.

    Kim adjourned the meeting at 11 a.m.

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study provides information about the different remediation alternatives that are currently being considered for the Koppers Site.  Now is the time to discuss those alternatives and give our feedback and recommendations.  Once you have reviewed the information, please use the “Leave a Reply” comment block below to post your comments.  PGC will make sure all of these comments are passed along to the EPA and Beazer.

Please note that these files are very large (418 pages) they may take a few minutes to load onto your computer for viewing.  Please be patient!

USEPA and Beazer Final Koppers Feasibility Study 5-11-2010

[slideshare id=4528216&doc=1658usepaandbeazerfinalkoppersfeasibilitystudyrev15-12-2010-100617115335-phpapp02&type=d]

Human Health Risk Assessment (On-site only)

Superfund risk assessments determine how threatening a hazardous waste site is to human health and the environment. Risk Assessors seek to determine a safe level for each potentially dangerous contaminant present. For humans, this is a level at which ill health effects are unlikely and the probability of cancer is very small. This Web site contains information on the Superfund risk assessment process and links to various risk assessment guidance documents. (Note 1.)

Once you have reviewed the information, please use the “Leave a Reply” comment block below to post your comments.  PGC will make sure all of these comments are passed along to the EPA and Beazer.

Note 1:.Source: EPA Human  Health Risk Assessment website.

[slideshare id=4528245&doc=1658amecbeazerupdatedhumanhealthriskassessmentkopperstext-tables-figures5-10-2010-100617115438-phpapp01&type=d]

Art from Thoma

SAP Minutes: May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010


Submitted by Mallory O’Connor

  1. Kim called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. The agenda was adopted as written. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
  2. Old Business
  3. Name of the task force
  • Kim suggested the name “Superfund Art Project”
  • Mallory moved to adopt the name. Tia seconded the motion. The motion was approved.
    • Recruitment
    • A number of names were put forward to invite participation on the Board. These included Hippodrome director Rocky Draud, William McKeen, Prof. and Chair, Sept. of Journalism and Communications, Trish Riley, Steve Robataille, Shirley Lassiter, Jorge Ibanez, WGOT leadership, 352 group, James Oliverio, Digital Worlds, Bunny Dewilliby, SFC Graphic Design,and Kevin M.arshall, UF CAPP.
    • Following discussion it was decided that Mallory will approach Bill McKeen, Bunny Dewilliby and James Oliverio. Kim will talk to Rocky, Shirley Lassiter, WGOT leadership and Tia will approach , 352.
    • It was decided that nine Board members was the target number and they should represent a variety of disciplines in the arts, design, journalism and marketing. Mallory provided another list of potential advisors/consultants.
    • Kim will compose two letters—one to go to the advisor list, the other to potential Board members.


    • A number of ideas were put forward by the members including the following:
    • We want to teach everybody something about the Koppers Superfund site.”  We also need to engage as many citizens as possible in the transformation/healing process.  Robert Pearce and Joe  Prager were mentioned. Tia suggested “We will inform, include and encourage the City of Gainesville  about the local Superfund site focusing on transformation.” Kim “Using art to express the science, we will engage the City to influence the transformation of the Superfund site.”
    • Vision: “We have an engaged community that is transforming the site.”
    • Mission: This is how we will do it.
    • Cheryl described several problems related to the history of the site and how politics had had contributed to a lack of forward progress. She asked how we can bridge the gap and move forward together.
    • Kim suggested that it is focus of the Superfund Art Project to serve as a bridge builder and an educational outreach that will bring the community together.
    • It was decided that the task force members would attempt to forge a vision and mission statement by May 20 (the next meeting date).

      New Business

      Website—add to PGC website? Separate section under their website.

    1. Exhibit
    2. Mallory made a presentation/proposal for an exhibit at the Thomas Center Gallery that would take place in Oct 2011.  The proposed title of the exhibit is Region4 Superfund. It would include 25-30 art works that would express the problem and explore solutions. This would be a juried exhibit with the Superfund Art Project members serving as the jury. Prizes might be awarded to the artists. The exhibit would be financed by appox. $25,000. in grants, and/or corporate support. An extension of the project would be the permanent installation of a work of public art that might be financed through a developer funded % for  public art and overseen by the Art in Public Places Trust.
    3. Kim will explore initial funding as ‘seed money” for the project. Tia and Anthony suggested and will coordinate a series of improvisational “art events” leading up to the Oct 2011 exhibit.

The next meeting will be held May 20 at 10 AM at Wild Iris.

Kim adjourned the meeting at 11:50 a.m.