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Under the Rug / A Toxic Cover-Up

EPA’s Proposed Clean-Up Plan for the Koppers Superfund Site

Public Comment Period ends on October 15, 2010/ Send comments to:

The Site:

  • The Koppers site was used as a wood-treatment facility from 1916-2009. This once-remote 90-acre site is now well-integrated within the developed area of the city and is adjacent to a residential neighborhood.
  • Cabot/Koppers was placed on the National Priorities List as a Superfund Site in 1984.  Remedial actions to date have been minimal.
  • Beazer East, owner of the site prior to Koppers (and now subsequent to Koppers), is the Responsible Party for cleaning up the site.
  • US EPA is responsible for developing a clean-up plan and enforcing its implementation. Continue reading

Understanding the Hazards and the Proposed Cleanup Plan

The Koppers site, located on NW 23rd Ave in the City of Gainesville, consists of the western half of a designated Federal Superfund site (known as the Cabot-Koppers Superfund site) due to contamination of soils, sediment and groundwater from historical wood treating operations. Investigations have been ongoing since 1983. In July 2010, EPA released a Proposed Plan that identified a preferred remedy to address the contamination, providing an opportunity for the public to comment and participate in the final remedy selection to be documented in the Record of Decision (ROD). The issue summaries prepared by the Technical Advisory Team are intended to assist the community in understanding the major site issues and proposed remedy. The technical advisor welcomes your comments and questions related to the cleanup of the Koppers Site.

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Technical Advisor Continue reading