Koppers Community Update

Protect Gainesville’s Citizens [PGC] mission includes helping to keep our local citizens informed on the progress of the Koppers superfund site cleanup. Using funds awarded in a Technical Assistance Grant from the USEPA, PGC pays a professional engineer to review documents and interpret them for a lay audience. Below are current activities associated with the site remediation process. Should anyone want more information, and/or think others would be interested, more detail can be obtained by emailing ta@protectgainesville.org or, by contacting the Alachua County Public Health Unit, Alachua County Environmental Protection Department, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection or the USEPA Region 4.

  • Beazer has proposed a plan to collect more soil samples to delineate the extent of the offsite contamination (dioxins, PAHs and arsenic). EPA/FDEP/City have provided comment. On Tuesday, January 24th, ACEPD and others will meet with the sampling team to finalize the exact locations. PGC’s Technical Advisor is invited and will participate. Sampling should then be done soon after that – it will be a month or two before we have the data.
  • EPA will implement an indoor dust study using their experts. The Local Intergovernmental Team [LIT] will discuss the protocols, labs, etc. Scott Miller, USEPA Region 4 Director has asked PGC’s Technical Advisor to be involved in the selection of homes. We agreed that the report prepared by EPA will have the protocols and the results but limited data interpretation. The community can then prepare and conduct our own discussions.
  • In the 5 year review, PGC’s Technical Advisor commented that groundwater and possibly soil contamination remains on the former Cabot site (Big Lots, etc) beneath the buildings and potential impacts from “vapor intrusion” should be evaluated (migration of contaminants into the buildings). Cabot Corporation has prepared a work plan which the LIT is currently reviewing. This vapor intrusion is an interesting and complicated issue.
  • The Consent Agreement is still being negotiated. It is unclear when it will be finalized. However, work around the site is still ongoing. For example, additional offsite sampling will begin prior to the Consent Agreement and there are onsite pilot tests being conducted as well as installation of additional groundwater monitoring wells.

Dr. Patricia Cline
Technical Advisor

One thought on “Koppers Community Update

  1. Robin

    Really? Beazer has now “proposed” more soil samples. As I understand it – this has been a “topic of conversation” for 30 years. I say “conversation” because it seems as though “action” and a sense of true responsibilty – is being purposely delayed.

    A five-year study – 25 years after the beginning of this battle. This is something that is going to be passed to the next generation to fret over. Tsk! Tsk!

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